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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Intangibles. "You're Fired" could become Trump trademark. This article shows the significance of intangible assets such as trademarks.
"Donald Trump is hardly the first boss to utter the dreaded words, “You’re fired!” But he just might be the first to realize the commercial potential of the expression."

Trump has made a career out of using his image to sell high-end real estate, plastering his name on luxury hotels, casinos and condominium towers. In Manhattan alone, well-heeled and status-conscious buyers can find shelter at Trump Tower, Trump World Tower, Trump International Hotel & Tower, Trump Park Avenue and others. If Trump wins the trademarks, he would have a tool to block others from marketing clothing with the phrase “You’re fired,” just as Nike has done with its trademarked advertising phrase “Just do it,” Kayden said.