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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Kroger Profits Fall (and should have fallen more). Kroger reported a decrease in profits but an increase in sales. However, this was due largely to the addition of new stores. When new stores were removed from earnings, sales fell 0.6 percent. While not blatantly deceiving, they are being somewhat misleading by not clearly stating this in their press release.

For the fiscal third quarter, ended Nov. 8, Kroger said earnings fell to $110.2 million, or 15 cents per share, from $254.6 million, or 33 cents per share, a year earlier.

Kroger, based in Cincinnati, said quarterly sales were $12.1 billion, up 3.8 percent from the prior year.

However, identical food store sales -- excluding fuel sales -- fell 0.6 percent. Identical store sales are a key measure of supermarket retailing performance as they exclude new or replacement stores.