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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

An article was already posted on the announcement that Bank of America was going to buy Fleet Bank but I wanted to point something interesting out about it as well. An excerpt from the article is:
Bank of America was offering 0.5553 shares of its stock for each FleetBoston share. At Friday's closing prices, that was worth $45 a share and was a 41 percent premium over FleetBoston's Friday finish of $31.80.

In trading Monday on the New York Stock Exchange, FleetBoston shares climbed to $39.20, up $7.40, or 23 percent, while Bank of America shares fell to $73.57, down $8.29, or 10 percent. That reduced the value of Fleet's offer to $42.9 billion.

This is probably the closest example there is to a truly efficient market. The new information was priced into the two stocks within hours and ultimately the investors will determine the selling price of Fleet. I personally was very happy about the deal because I owned Fleet stock and made a mini-killing. Another interesting point is that Bank of America is willing to pay for Fleet at a premium over the fair market value(at the time of announcement). I assume this extra amount, which is certainly considerably over the book value, would go into their Goodwill account.

Doug Probasco